A New Hue for a New Season – Pantone 20 Fashion Color Of The Year

The global fashion industry is a cut throat world to say the least, with ever changing valuations, ever changing schedules, sharp competition, and fierce tongues wagging in order to Market the latest ‘ rats ‘ to all corners of the fashion planet. In the blink of an eye, high street fashion is long forgotten in comparison to the newest trend, some people never get wanting to be ‘ that person ‘ just because they never knew the trends different to them.

To find a relatively small and relatively unknown designer name on a relatively well known high street brand is quite remarkable in itself, adding pizazz, flair and colour to a relatively simple and generic high street garment or accessory.

So, from the above, there is a picture in this article. The battle for the global fashion industry, and the guardians of taste. It seems like there are more jobs today trying to keep up with the ever evolving fashion scene, than any one designer would ever have imagined. From the enthusiasts with hundreds of hours on their computer, filtering the latest catwalk images, to the experienced who use the experiences of others (layering in accessories) to come up with unique creations, the one thing they all have in common is their love, dedication and ingenuity.

So, why do people follow trends? Or hold on to them, hold one’s head up and burble away on occasional fits that don’t quite tickle the right flavour. Why does one person’s taste clash so dramatically to another’s?

And how is it that one person’s idea of fashion is completely opposite to another’s?

I believe that the divide is within, not without. People have certain opinions of what they see, hear and read but those opinions are shaped by groupthink. There are various groups of people within our society. Take for example, white collar workers or black collar workers. A black collar worker would naturally exchange ideas and opinions with his white collar counterparts. The white collar worker would be influenced by his counterparts and so on. The motive for this social synchrony is strength: If you belong to a group, you tend to get noticed, promoted and take pride in your achievements.

We can even have black collar ones, white collar ones, male one, female ones, fat ones, slim ones, tanned ones, lame ones and many more!

In our society, there are only male one and female ones. Why hide behind the numbers? Remember, numbers make sense only to those who posses a four or more items of clothing. For a person who only has a one, the world just starts to feel wrong around them.

How so ever, if we group people into groups, there needs to be a certain standard between the groups. We can call it identity or common descent.

What makes the difference is education, experiences, experiences and education.

So, how do you define your culture? Like with so many things, the modern West is really fascinating and inspiring. From our street to our school, the school interiors are full of information and opportunities to learn. Our heroes are actually from this noble breed of people: Ideas and people from diverse backgrounds coming together to shape a better tomorrow.

There are so manyandal horizonalifestyle websitesand communities that enrich our lives in so many ways. From fashion togearedashion, shopping to shopping to utilities, everything is possible if we are willing to take the drive. To some, it may seem overwhelming. To look at the seemingly huge numbers of choices before us and not know which ones will suit our kind of life, our personality and our tastes in fashion.

The modern West is certainly the most dynamic and vigorous place that has ever unified the world. This is also the most inspired and inspirational place. Western man, woman and child are becoming the most cherished values of the twenty-first century. Teenagers are leaving their gender- blob and trying out guy stuff. After all, being a guy was thought to be cool only a few years back.

In the American town, the most popular kid is the black cowboy with a great sense of culture and history, but that is also changing. America given its large diversity is coming up with newer ideas of how to promote all the advantages of western civilization. Western museums are not only going to tell us about the past; they are also the leading sources of culture and ideas. Think of the patronage the best known Grammy awards, the Pilgrims, the Olympia Jazz CD, all these go to show how American people are really a Shades of Gray of the World.

With the fashion, the popular culture, political situation, internet news and sport news, the world gradually becomes aware of the black other than America. The universities are lead by black students and these students have the best fashion taste the world has yet seen. The black kids disappear for a few minutes;