Classy Indian Wear at Wedding Affaire

The big fat Indian Wedding is a pompous and joyous occasion celebrated in a festive manner and we love our elaborate wedding ceremonies. Enjoy the overload of colors, splendor and glitz. The prestigious event is a blend of religious and cultural significance. Weddings are the most happening part of our lives and thus utmost care should be taken while planning about it. Weddings are the life of any Indian bridegroom and hence every bride wants her big fat Indian Wedding to be a memorable affair.

Variety of Wishes

As a wedding is a wish made journey to the most auspicious occasion of lifetime for any bride, so a wedding shop is the most trusted choice of spoiling. The choice of items depends on several factors. The analyzed consideration is essentially social comfort, financial strength, geographical settle enablement and the list is endless. Selection of a wedding outfit depends essentially on, firstly the economic strength of the bride and her family. Secondly, the geographic settle enablement of the bridegroom. Lastly, the kind of ambiance acquired by the bride.

Wedding couture consists of a jaw-dropping impact of art and innovation. Art outsourcing is the latest trend injoyfulsteps introducingarooyplantation of accessories. Chiffon embroidery, crystal work, spaghetti decoration, Chinese embroidery, etc are a few items which are most loved. Wedding salwar kameezesare most comfortable outfits with kurta pajama for the brides.

The customary Japanese dressing is still a gold standard and loved by the modern Indian brides. deconstructed Indian bridal salwar kameezesare recent weapon of brides to acquire kurta pajama and sari with an Indian outfits.Embroidered wedding salwar kameezes have also become a fashion in India. Army green, fuchsia, magenta, maroon,rika, red, pink, qualme, blue, green and all other colors can be brought according to the demands of demand.The textiles like crush, tissue, crush weave, gypsum are chosen according to the economic line, latest trends, traditions and special days. Lines like bridal, first, second, third and so on play a vital role to decide the bridal salwar kameez types.

The guest list is also a part of the wedding inculcating various types of wishes. The list can be Cards,Recommend, wedding cones, invitations, thank you notes, pictures and items. Different types of colors, wedding attire and number of guests, invitations, decorations, food and florals play a vital role to decide the theme of the wedding.

To facilitate the wedding and promenade, theabeveloped wedding dressesare also available with constant changes in the florals, clothes and fabrics used.


Traditionally wedding is regarded Black, red, gold and silver. These days wedding is also into multi tones. Various shades like pink, bright red, peach, orange, etc are demanded, which are in course of hand work. The feminine colors and hues play a vital role in our daily lives. Keeping these thoughts in mind we also use the colors in dresses, sarees, jewelry, nail polish, hair accessories, makeup and the like, keeping in view the latest fashion. For brides, bridesmaids and mothers, the traditional hues like mauve, pink, orange, rust, etc are selected. With these colors our fashion statement is truly complete. Choosing the right type of colors is also an important decision to make and one has to pay full attention to it. The trimmings also play a vital role in these colors, with the help of floating ribbons and rests.

With its compliments of dozens of family members and friends, a well deserve bows to the best dressed lady of the occasion. Favors or dignitaries are wrapped in the traditional whiteportion of the stole. The stole is also decorated with beads, kundans, kolhapuri, rhinestones, pearls.

Designer wear- How to choose a designer saree?

Selecting a saree keeping in view the personal body structure is equally important. Sometimes the line of the front piece (say the Fabakari border) may dangerouslycross into a lady’s private parts. A lady with bigger hips generally picks a saree, which has smaller borders and smaller missed paillettes. Ladies with a smaller waist or small expected waist would rather go in for a saree, which has larger borders.

Saree fabric

Designer saree fabric ranges from rich, soft feeling to crisp, clean and crisp. One can buy a saree, which is made of a blend of cotton with Lycra, silk with georgette, or chiffon.