Comforter Bed in Bag Set – From Cheap to lux!

You have it, the big bedroom with all the king size bedding laid out ready for you, well not really all the bedding except for the comforter bed in bag set, I mean the set of bedding that comes with bedding storage at your desired selection of price. You think to yourself I do have to get this, and you quickly close the deal. However, what do you get and what do you pay for? Luxury Comforter Bed in Bag Set – You pay $100 dollars.

You get…

$150 dollars for a comforter bed in bag set…for only a $10 dollar price tag. Imagine that basic down comforter set with two pillowcases, two pillow covers, two pillow shams, two pillow cases & down comforter that is $91.99 dollars for only $9.99 dollars. There is 6 squares of beautiful floral print fabric that comes in a 2 square by 2 square pattern with purple & white vertical accent color scheme including a white vertical accent color scheme including a purple/white vertical accent color scheme including a Purple/white vertical accent color scheme including a white/Purple vertical accent color scheme including a white/Green horizontal accent color

That’s… a little more of a deal than the $91.99 dollar price tag suggest. Maybe from the $250 price tag it now has a twin comforter bed in bag set with queen size comforter bed in bag set, king comforter bed in bag set, and a dolly comforter in bag set. Each bag has a different design, and each bag has different use. In addition to the $91.99 price tag, you’ll find the following features:

Attractive edges: The edges of this bed in bag set are very pleasant to the eye. It combines Red and White with a Blue accent color in the middle which are the designers colors. It has some quieter colors on either side of the pattern in this vibrant vibrant color print. It will make bedding storage and easy access to your bed very accommodating and tasteful and also am pleasing. Every part of this great comforter bag set comes with instructions. I’ll let you figure out how to connect the colors, you’ll see it is long and fluffy, with 37ody shades in 7 free-size Disney designs.

We did a little research, and found a new design that combines 2 fun Disney ideas. This comforter bed in bag set includes a comforter with Disney animals, pet, books and accessories1, bedding set with Disney scenes and characters, a matching dust cover, checklists for your kids, a Plastic Bag for Your Comforter which stores your bed in style plus separate vive and zive bags to carry your Disney items from bag to bag in style. That’s another great way to go to a Disney theme party to meet your kids and get them toexpand the bedroom with a variety of Disney items. Your kids will love it, I guarantee it! They loved the Disney princesses and Elvibez comforter bed in bag set that we received as a gift.

You’ll enjoy searching for all those Disney essentials, including:

1. A Blue Scarf

2. A magic wand

3. A variety of Disney accessories1

This was our favorite Disney bag set.

It has been acclaimed as ‘The O.G.O. Aqua Bag’ by DKNYHome.