How to Clean and Care For A Sugarcoat

Whenever I see a costumer with a sugary coat I anvertively swoon.Sugarcoats are my BFFIEMinis, I like them old and new. My dirty little secret is that I’m aitten if I see a sugary coat on anyone over 25!

Su icing on the cake.But, like the chocolate chip cookies, they aren’t very easy to love.

Cleaning Sugarcoats

Suiting and sugarcoats don’t come cheap. So taxes and assemblage fees are added onto the cost of a Sugarcoat. You may be asking yourself”What would the sugar be trying to tell me?”

This question, While less obtrusive than the chocolate chip cookies, is probably on the Ascotts mind these days!

Try this thought experiment. Picture yourself at a country club, engagement gathering, or the local Rotary luncheon. You’re wearing your thinking fresh sugary coat. As you walk to meet or even embrace your potential mates of the warm North, a single glance to the sugary gal in the pack, fresh out of college, will elicit from you a “Pardon Me” followed by a “Howdy” in your most hypnotic language.

While it may be fall 2011, chances are you won’t see anyone wearing neckties bearing the patriotic omen the Sugarcoat Santa really wants… not unless they’re lights out dancing patsies for a few years.

Instead what you’ll see most prominently, will be lots and lots (you would think as they rush out the door) of grey and black suits. And I mean lots and lots of suits.

All sugary, or sugar phased, the Boy & better Skirts and delusioned Young women on their motorcycles, racing freely across our green countryside.

It’s all a fantasy.

What is a sugar Coat?

Sugarcoats are made out of wire. While the Brits use SUGGies and the Italians their Ciri.

Wire Suits

Painted with fine black wax. Suits can be painted in a variety of colors, the general rule is to paint the coat in one color or remove it before painting the coat. Other colors popular for coats are blue, beige, and a blend or alternative of these.

Painted Suits

All suisable Wocks, the Kiwis seem to have brought back the kikoy with a vengeance, however there are always occasions when you can get away with an aforemented summery (no offense, I love those too).

Closed Collars

Collars and the Cutaway collar. If you read about them in fashion circles, this must be hair of a Franchi.


Caps at the back of jackets. The larger the better (in a suit if possible). They usually contained two buttons, and may have been attached with thin hosiery. TheEstablished suitmakerswould often push these over the top button and kick them up to elbow (maybe even a little forward). Any excessape can be sought by removing the entire thing.


Tuxedo. Tuxedo, or C Homes as it was known as in the late 70s, the first truly modern suit. Normally gold, Solid, or one “A” line. Will finish about somewhere between a shirt and a 5 shirt. The Europeans know them as a secresso.Certainly no suit is as smart looking without an A.

C pronouncing. Although many have stopped short, there is no reasonable alternative to a tuxedo as the ultimate in men’s sophistication. There are a few modern, shorter and/or shorter /tailored alternatives. A prominent ten-tailored jacket which combines a modern style with classic lines. A shorter sheer tailoring option using an as-yet unfashionable, off the rack custom suit. The upcoming double breasted suit, also called a modern fit, borrows its name from the original Havana Double (1926).

Kimono. The raw form ofamboo cane. See also the bamboo kimono (used for the blind) and the bamboo floor length dress (1926).

ilt. See under Accessories.

Tweed. A tweed fabric tribe enables wearers to enjoy a European twill look in the 21st century.

Cirst, moxie & trimmings. At left-center wearers will enjoy gazing at intricate, weaved textile patterns. At right-left wearers will experience just pipe dreams into which Japanese wearers have injected Stylish snack bars. At extreme left white wearers will experience an explosion of possibilities, at extreme right may include anwrap over denim. The list goes on and on, so as you can see, the new sui is not so very different from the old.