Leadership Role of women in Philippine Government

The aim of the Philippines government is to construct a govern ment as a ” responsive government” whose aim is to respond adequately to the needs and requirements of its citizenry. Immigration has shaped the ethnic composition of the Philippines especially that of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The latent constraints of such an issue speaks volumes of the Filipino’s traditional and experiential ethnic diversification.

The challenges faced by the Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao peoples include the problems of unemployment, poverty, HIV/AIDS, traffic accidents, corruption, political cartoons, overpopulation, inadequate education, lack of basic infrastructure, foreign exchange, infrastructure decay, crime, and inadequate health services and poor labor market.

The issues of unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy are of major concern because of the impact on the job market of these factor. Many Filipinos are employed in temporary jobs that allow them to continue with their studies. However, the protracted economic downturn has taken its toll on the job market, and many Filipinos have taken unemployment as a career option. There are various growth strategies to deal with the issue of unemployment. TheIM providers in the Philippines have developed various strategies and reforms. The slow growth of manufacturing, hotel management, trade, and office rental indicates that the Filipino consumer is no longer interested in spending large amounts of his money on apparel and tourism.

The demand for education has been stifling, especially in the higher education and technical levels. The Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) has notified its suspension to the operation of courses in the University of the Philippines, until such time that changes can be made to enhance their quality and comprehensibility. This move has had a very adverse impact on the University system. There are a numerous private and public universities all over the country that are either constantly enrolling students or have announced plans to enroll students in the near future. Many students prefer to attend private universities, which are a good choice when quality education is required.

The minimum entry requirement for a vocational or technical program inPhilippinesis six months of travel and subsequent stays inconcentrated areas. For graduate programs, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification. Students who have completed their high school or diploma programs in order to get into a professional career. For example, massage therapists, iridologists, beauticians, herbalists, and tutors are amongst the professions where entrance examinations need to be passed. TheCHEd also advises that before seeking admission to a public university, keen attention should be paid to the professional body of the counsels and the associations that regulate the activities of universities.

The University of Santo Domingo, which is well-known for its teaching facilities, is one of the few institutions that have stood out from the rest for its excellence in allowing students to pursue independent research and projects. Independent research fellowships and research scholarships are available. Students can also avail of student loans, which are low-interest government-funded loans for students who wish to carry out independent research.

The School of the Arts offers a commissioned course in English, Birman Institute of Creative writing, and a certificate course in Philippine literature.

The Institute of Environment and Architecture is unique in that it offers graduate and postgraduate diplomas and degrees in environmental engineering and architectural engineering.

The initiates who wish to avail of the professional courses should have a degree in bachelor’s degree in engineering or architecture. SCIT also requires its initiates to have completed a hundred hours of related trainings.

Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent certification in arts or science and pass a comprehensive exam. Many SCIT colleges also require their initiates to have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

How to choose a good institute

The most important thing to do is to carry out a brief research of the available schools and seminar colleges in Philippines. There are many institutes that offer coursework online. Some good schools are:

The University of Sierra baton: This university offers students a variety of programs related to Architecture, Music, Mass Communication, Design etc. The school provides students with accredited certification courses.

John Anthony Ferris College of Design: This unique school, the John Anthony Ferris College of Design houses diploma, Associate, Bachelor and Certificate courses in design and technology. The university offers students a variety of programs related to design, visual arts and engineering.

Nova Southeastern University: This university offers courses in design, architecture, interior designing, legal studies, marketing, management and international relations. The university has a partnership withanoalition group.

University of limannical: This university offers courses in tourism, business administration, communications, engineering, market studies, housing and planning.