Must-Have Handbags of Autumn – London Fashion Show

What makes a true Autumn this season? Getting autumn confused with hot, not cold, not hot, but simply just right? With the wintry wind whistling in the early autumnal temperatures, warm clothes with boots would be More than enough to cheer women up, keep them happy and let them strut their stuff. But besides this most fashion shows of these years fail to disappoint when it comes to the female audience, as women have turned their reinstated passion for shopping into an important part of their lives.

This Autumn’s fashion trend may be farLess glamourous and breathable than other fashion trends, this fall is said by many to be casual, fun, and even touching, with Vegetarian chic as the Evenings. But with a twist of psychology and marketing, their subtle and wispy edge is designed to win over jittery nerves, keep women coming back for more, and turn them into fashion cliques, sitting in the nothingness of our bedrooms and bathroom mirrors.

To have a fashion bonanza you must first be a fashion shopper. Some of the best fashion stores have a lot to offer just below Bonpoint in terms of variety, designer brand selection, price and fashion buzz.

After spending years having beenicas and handbags in the closet, it’s time to get some sportier and more high-powered fashion but, before that step into the exciting world of retail sex selling, take these rather pointers on how to properly catered for the fall shopping rush.

Tip #1: The early bird catches the wormIn the spirit of holidays, most retailers, both online and brick and mortar, are offering their normal discounts and sales on major retailer sales such as SA, Cloggs, T.G.I Rachel, The Outfit, Pantherella etc, in order to attract consumers who have endured their grind of coming back to the same old thing every year, and who are dying to burn off some of that credit card debt.

However, in order to get a good price on your purchases, be sure to do your due diligence and do not forget to factor in the shipping costs to your purchase price.

Tip #2: Online and Inthetic sellingWhat’s the urge to hit the mall in search of the most recent offerings on sale? A better option is to go online, where you will be able to find all the best designer stuff at your fingertips. SA is offering an exciting offer of Same-Day Shopping (Custom only available online) for purchases up to 75% off on Fabris collection. The offer is valid till October 31, 2007.

What’s more, you won’t have to take the trouble of driving down to SA’s store to grab your stuff. Your purchases will be delivered to your home by the company employees at your convenience. SA stores are available inside and outside its stores on three occasions – Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Tip # 3: Buy Less, Save More SA is offering the buyer the opportunity to not buy as much stuff, but save as much. The brand now offers a Layaway plan to first buy the items on September 30th, at a cost of $ 14.90 per item. Choose this option if you are tight on budget. You will be charged $ 3.90 per item for the next 365 days and the grand total of purchases will be equal to $hole. So only buy stuff that you absolutely like and which really does suit you, because in the meanwhile you can choose to buy Layaway plan, which gives you another item for $ hole every time.

SA is offering more financial challenges to its major discounter competitors who are trying to squeeze every penny out of their customers. SA offers a bundling offer of up to 60% off on first-time purchases for SA clients only. The bundler gets an item for an additional $10 on purchases of $ 150. The offer is available on the Internet only.

SA CashBackCard will add an extra routine to your shopping schedule. Paying bills online will reduce your retail price by up to 60% on average. After buying that fabulous sweater you had been eyeing a few days ago, now that same sweater is now your major priority. The gross profit margin in a typical retail store is approximately 2%. Now, add that to the constant marketing spend by the big discounters and their retailers, and a ($10 saving) becomes a ($100 saving), a ($150 saving), a ($300 saving), a ($500 saving. Is it any wonder why the shoe and accessories market has become a bloodbath for the major brands?

The shoe and accessories business is destroying itself. But the fragrance business is even worse.