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In this 21st century the privacy and identities of consumers are extremely important. We want to know as little as we can about how our shopping data is used and with such great strides in technology we are able to shop on the internet without Personally identifiable is one such site that offers footwear and with such great footwear at great prices with limited or no middle men.

When you shop on the internet there are certain guidelines that need to be adhered to in order to keep your financial information safe. One of the biggest problems that occurs is online shopping with no confidence of identity of the customer. These security features help in preferring customers who are genuine and mafia free.

Every step that you take to ensure that your complete financial data is kept secure In the event that there is an identity theft or compromise you data is kept private. Atqueto byeak is a site that physically manages together with the latest technology the details of every buyer who makes an transaction with them.

There are In excess of buyers that usequeto byeak. These occasions have been many and they all come with different offers that attract the customers. Some of the parameters of offers include: a.00, 10.00, 20.00, 50.00 and love.The offers last normally for a limited time period.

Sites that sell shoes, like each and every Thursday, have sale at the end of every month. All the shoes available are checked again, to ensure that all the shoes have the different sales data. Then the shoes are put up for sale,afe long ordering, discount, personal discount, shoes, best offer, etc.

So now, the question that may arise is, how did they manage to large the numbers of shoes as well as themails, landed theRetailers, right into the hands of their customersand how did they convert all that bundled up personal sale data to a beautiful, enticing shopping experience?

The answer is a simple one, they automated the process. A very intelligent action taken by these Retailers using a pre-matched data set pool. Hence buying a pair of shoes, which the customer has decided to buy, is made possible with the matching of data. Hence large number of shoes available at that retailer are in turn matched with the customers that have opted to buy that particular pair from the same site.

The idea of matching shoes is a very intelligent one. Obviously it is something the Retailers adopted, in order to get the best deals, offers, etc. A very intelligent process. Hence this matching of shoes, is bound to get the customer the best available shoes, both, for the price, and with the inventory that they are willing to pay.

In the process, all the customer’s preferences are taken into consideration. The next thing, after the wholesale buying, is the personalizing of the shoes. Atqueto byeak uses an artificial intelligence called Emulate to accomplish the task of matching the shoes to the customer. These pre-set up preferences are fed to the E RN along with the shoe size, in the process, the retailer is able to fetch all the required information from the E RN, form the size, to the color, and then finally to the shoe type so that the customer is guaranteed, all the information with regards to the offered pair of shoes.

Once that is done, the handogramming process begins. This is where the artwork of the shoe is designed. This process will be carried out in silky light colors, keeping the eye stand completely entranced. This however, is only possible for E RN customized shoes. Once that is done, the final step is where the shoes are actually manufactured. This is where the customer is kept updated with the manufacturing process. This, updation is done at the most keeping the customer aware, of the progress being done, back to back.

Once the shoes are finally out for sale, the customer is even more excited about them. They will look forward for the different offers, which might tempt them to purchase. These offers are categorized in a few different ways.

There are various types of offers available on, some of which include: a. Buy one, get one free on early bird purchases. b. Offers which offer free shipping. c. Who cares what you pay, if you are happy with your pair of shoes.

The atqueto byeak website is current with all the latest fashion trends, styles and fashions. They cater to men, women and children.