Top 4 Most Known Fashion Designer in History

Giorgio Armani – Acclaimed as the most successful designer to come out of Italy,Giorgio Armani enjoyed great achievement in fashion market. His company made a marvelous Cyprus recall during 1991 fashion week. He is well known for stylish and colorful garments. Armani is cited to have said “look before you leap, and buy before you throw”.

Armani is known best for white shirts. They are crisp and timeless. They are sold in a range of colors, both bold and tooth-bane. The best known yellow color is the mix of yellow and orange, which appears vibrant, fresh, and enthusiastic. Armani designed classic and elegant tuxedo jackets in poly-cristallian fabric. These jackets featured waistcoat length sleeves at three-quarter length. True to the famous style, the coats are made of 100% pure wool. A classic wool coat provides excellent warmth on that early October day. It is usually worn under a classic, tailored dark suit.

Armani is also well known for his stylish underwear. Gino Armani passion lies with Underwear. In fact, Giorgio Armani is the most popular designer that makes briefs. His classic fashion sense sees him maintaining a sterling reputation with the best fashion underwear. Giorgio Armani briefs are made out of pure cotton fabric. Cotton fabric provides excellent moisture management. It allows the skin to breathe through the fabric. Moreover, it attracts the body’s tissues by its wholeness. Hence, the Giorgio Armani brief is very comfortable to wear under a coat or with a suit. Regular circulation is guaranteed by these briefs. Hence, it is just right to say that Giorgio Armani briefs are just as important, if not more so, than your conventional briefs. Armani briefs can be worn on all occasions. He can be seen wearing them in the accustomed Italy due to the slashed trousers and high neckline.

Armani famous for his amazing furs and animal prints. He brings this passion with the animal print dress that he frequently wears. The furs’ designs vary from exotic to classic and sporty. The combination of white in the coat and the grey inside the dress really attract the crowd. With this beautiful piece, people may think twice to come near you. But they should really braver try to pull off the Giorgio Armani style in the party. His wrap around dress can be seen on the stage with a body double. Such a piece complements the sporting lean physique of a female. Even though Giorgio Armani dress is expensive, he never compromises with the quality. No wonder the piece is costly that many lavish after wards.

Armani is a born business man. He started the Armani leisure wear by getting inspiration from the Armani business. In the beginning, Armani leisure wear was exclusively for the rich in both America and Europe. People were happy as the prices were very reasonable. Later the Armani was shifted to the market for the masses. And now it is on the second stage, which is getting ready for its sell out sale. Giorgio Armani remains the bestAmerican designer in the market. He knows well the style and the acceptability of his clothes. His products are ready to be worn anytime and anywhere as the style is wearable and non-restrictive.

Armani brand has successfully spread its wings into almost every part of the world. With its focusing body, there is no chance that the designed brand will be restricted to a specific area. The brilliant Giorgio Armani follows a dream of his own that is total freedom. It is a dream of a man to be able to do whatever he wants to. For this reason, Armani remains one of the best selling brand in the world. It makes the people happy and contented that he stays near them.