Wedding Looks For Brides

Not all brides are made equal. From their choice in a husband to their dream wedding venue, everything about a bride’s trip to her wedding is as unique as her personality. Yet, with so many different components to a wedding, it’s easy to get lost. Need some advice? Read on for some great suggestions on how to make your perfect wedding.

For many Americans, and some Europeans as well, wedding is synonymous with the love of a woman, and a special day of her life. In some cultures, a woman’s wedding is a time to pay tribute to her husband, father, or brothers. In many parts of the world, a woman’s groom is just the first in her family to marry, and consequently, for many cultures, a woman’s family is the center of focus at any given wedding. Traditionally, throughout western culture weddings are traditionally celebrated with much ceremony and elaboration, but for various cultural reasons as well, they’re often just a normal, good, and happy marriage. This is just one of the many unique influences that unique cultural traditions have on a woman’s marriage.

Whatever the reason, or the relative importance of the wedding, a bride’s wedding attire is one of the top priorities in her wedding planning. As you would expect, there are typically five steps that a bride is supposed to take – decor, cake, photographer, couture, and selecting the color. And depending on how well you’ve planned things, you may only have to do scrupulous preparation for the last two steps!

Picking your wedding gown is probably the most important part of the entire ceremony. That’s why it pays to really understand what you want, and what it looks like to have your selected gown worn in your chosen ceremony. Whenever it comes to choosing the perfect gown, a bride will almost always select after meticulous consideration. Here are a few examples of the type of gowns that are appropriate for different types of weddings.


Traditionally, most weddings are celebrated with a wedding gown that is white in color. But by red, black, and gray are more popular color choices. You may also see pink, lavender, and pale blue. Also popular are different shades of white.

Of course, brides are not limited to white. They can also opt for ivory, cream, and platinum. And yes – they can be nude. But generally, nude colors are associated with a bride who is older and is well past her youth. This is an eminently practical choice, because nude gowns are not expensive, and many can be altered to resemble more closely the bride’s skin color. Plus, nude dresses are comfortable, and can be cleaned relatively easily. On the other hand, they’re not exactly Noticed by friends.

Neutral or pastel colors are also popular, especially for weddings in warmer months. Those colors include peach, pink, and lighter blue. And they’re generally non-colored. However, if your wedding takes place in a church, you can’t just opt for white – you’ll have to look for gold, silver, or brown, or perhaps red. And if your gown is non-neutral, you’ll have to choose the same color as the wedding gown.

As for fabric choices, the more draped the gown, the more formal it will be. But there’s also nothing wrong with having some “bling” on your gown. Fabric, appearance, and tailoring are crucial factors in ensuring your wedding gown is perfect.


Different gowns need different cuts, and it’s always best to ask if your favorite style is available in a cut that will work with your gown. For instance, if you love to show off your legs, a mermaid style dress may be flattering. On the other hand, a gown with sleeker or dolman sleeves may be more flattering for a more formal event. So ask about the options you have.

Similar to the fit, ask about the options you have in mind for the length. Give yourself room to wear a necklace or a pair of earrings. And since the wedding may only happen once, you don’t want to be able to wear the same dress twice. Clinging faux wrap dresses are a popular choice, especially for cocktails.


Slim and sexy or formal and conservative – it’s up to you. You may have a specific image in mind, and feel beautiful. Or, you may feel like the center of attention. The decision is up to you. As long as you ask about the options you have and listen to any recommendations you get from a friend (or a salesperson in the store, who should hopefully know you), you should have no trouble finding your perfect gown.

And remember, your wedding day comes once in a lifetime.