A New Hue for a New Season – Pantone 20 Fashion Color Of The Year

The global fashion industry is a cut throat world to say the least, with ever changing valuations, ever changing schedules, sharp competition, and fierce tongues wagging in order to Market the latest ‘ rats ‘ to all corners of the fashion planet. In the blink of an eye, high street fashion is long forgotten in… Continue reading A New Hue for a New Season – Pantone 20 Fashion Color Of The Year

The History of Bamboo

The modern day approach in putting on clothes is to try and mimic what we would do if we were wearing designer items. To start with, you should question what are your clothes made from? Within this group, you can come up with many different materials of clothing, such as cellulose from paper, or cotton… Continue reading The History of Bamboo

How to Choose the Perfect Shawl

Pashminas – Cashmere Or Silk? Č favourites of Cashmere Pashminas are made of Soft Cashmere wool. Orwacotton is the mature fibre that matured after the fleece beneath the cashmere fibre has been gathered and spun to form the yarn. The spun yarn is then made into the finest fabric. There are many different variations of… Continue reading How to Choose the Perfect Shawl

Wedding Looks For Brides

Not all brides are made equal. From their choice in a husband to their dream wedding venue, everything about a bride’s trip to her wedding is as unique as her personality. Yet, with so many different components to a wedding, it’s easy to get lost. Need some advice? Read on for some great suggestions on… Continue reading Wedding Looks For Brides

The emancipation of Woman

As we are in the 21st Century the battle of sexes is on growing focus and sooner or later every woman regardless of their age will become a mother and it is a fact that the feminist movement will become a dominant force in the world of tomorrow. In the present world upwards of 95%… Continue reading The emancipation of Woman

Top 4 Most Known Fashion Designer in History

Giorgio Armani – Acclaimed as the most successful designer to come out of Italy,Giorgio Armani enjoyed great achievement in fashion market. His company made a marvelous Cyprus recall during 1991 fashion week. He is well known for stylish and colorful garments. Armani is cited to have said “look before you leap, and buy before you… Continue reading Top 4 Most Known Fashion Designer in History