How to Choose the Perfect Shawl

Pashminas – Cashmere Or Silk? Č favourites of Cashmere

Pashminas are made of Soft Cashmere wool. Orwacotton is the mature fibre that matured after the fleece beneath the cashmere fibre has been gathered and spun to form the yarn. The spun yarn is then made into the finest fabric. There are many different variations of this Cashmere fabric from the light cottons to the warm microfibres. All Pashminas are soft, fine, wind proof, lustrous and warmth producing. They are the purest form of wool and Cashmere lovers worldwide can claim a special connection to this fibre.

Occasion Pashminas

Pashminas can be worn at both formal and informal occasions. Put simply they make a wonderful groom for a wedding or a friend’s party. They are seen as the most appropriate costume for a History and Genealogical Day, layer a sarong over the skirt for a festival or a tribal gathering. Whether it is a traditional festive occasion or a special occasion like a funeral, these very elegant shawls can be donned in any style, by any lady. While traditionally you would choose a soft, flowing fabric Pashmina for such occasions, today the latest fashions are plain silk or nylon. You can also add luxurious touch by choosing lacy additions or birds feather and drop cloth adding to the festive atmosphere. Pashminas also make the perfect beach cover up wrap or a nightgown for a special romantic night.

Colors and Styles

You can find wide range of colors and styles in a Pashmina. The most popular ones are those made from 100% Cashmere and Merino wool. They are naturally just thick enough to keep the shape of the garment. All the fabrics have their special characteristics which include floating and slimming influences. You can find Pashminas in full scoop, A-line and kaftan just to mention a few. The styles can vary from the traditional shawl to more modern kaftans. Today many brides are opting for Pashminas to be worn in the even of the wedding party. These little pieces of heaven offer the best of both worlds. Lots of brides like to be helped by someone else’s help besides their own but with all those beautiful Pashminas they get a second helping too.

Rock Star Style

Pashminas have become the latest style for those who love to be noticed on the beach. All those with a great sense of style know that being ‘in’ with what is happening on the beach only a few can truly pull it off and the rest of us mere mortals may have to wait for some sprung promotion. A Pashmina becomes a fashion statement when it is worn with those fabulous sunglasses and that wonderful, chiffon evening gown. At that formal dinner or at the company Christmas party all you want to wear is a nice dress but the bottom line is that you cannot look too overdressed. Your cashmere shawl of pure luxury must have the perfect accessories to actually make you look like you are dressed for a red carpet occasion.


The sheer variety of Pashmina shawls ensures that you can look fabulous and stick to your budget too. That is why they are a favourite of the fashion conscious. Each shawl is an individual creation that will reflect the personality of the wearer. It is possible to find soft and lovely baby blues or very vibrant fuchsia’s. Even though there is a huge range of colours and designs you will not go wrong if you opt for a shawl made from pure cashmere. This particular fabric has that luxurious touch that all Pashmina shawls should have. In addition to personal taste there are a number of factors to consider:

• sweater thickness

• weather

• fabric color

• ray filter size

The strenuous crinkle factor of a single Pashmina shawl is actually the thickness of the fabric and does limit its effectiveness. Look for a combination of fabrics and colors that work for both your body type and the occasion. The perfect combination of these will virtually eliminate the bulkiness that can clutter your dress and coat to an impressive degree while still enabling you to look your best. Also, if there is a very bright and brilliant shade in your color scheme you would be better off applying it to other accessories like dangling earrings or necklaces. The bright shades are useful at any time of year.

Fabric longevity and colors are other considerations. The best and easiest way to check the age of a cashmere shawl is simply to roll it up and use it. If it looks like a very old fabric it is obviously pure and authentic.