Make Up and Accessories For Any Occasion

The true beauty of makeup and fashion accessories comes from their possibilities. There are so many things you can do with so many different make up and fashion options that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, there are ways to make your everyday life easier by applying the makeup and accessories you love to your finger tips. With a few things to remember, you can easily find your personal style for everyday with the makeup and accessories that are perfect for you.

First, you should consider your body type. Every woman naturally features certain features. For example, women with broad shoulders and hips are said to have a large bottom. Using makeup and fashion accessories that are tailored to flatter your ‘problem areas’ can help you create a better impression of yourself. If you have a larger bottom, don’t use a handbag that you’re too fond of just because it’s in style. In fact, handbags should be used barely; a small, hobo bag is perfect here. Choose shoulder bags with short straps or an over-sized strap that only goes a few inches further. This helps make your appearance more delicate or sophisticated and will give you that look you truly desire.

The next thing to consider is your skin color and what type of make up color suits you. If you’re not sure what the color of your skin is, do a flash test by having someone else look at your skin in underlight. Often times, skin tone is determined through a single color; for example, if you’re with a very fair complexion, check your skin against a white backdrop. Confirm with a b timed ten minutes and note your skin’s undertone should be more of a cool, blue or pink. Not only are these shades flattering for most women, they also help makeup and accessories to look even more vibrant and lasting.

accidents happen when makeup and accessories are applied to no avail. Casual is often favored in situations where getting a more polished look is un-reasonsable to not make the effort. If you’re wearing your hot pink probably won’t be a good look, but if you’re wearing it in a professional situation a neutral, muted pink or beige is seen in the periphery of the palette.

Fair skinned women should consider warm-toned colors like golden brown, coral, brown, brick red or a dark plum. If you’re a warm-toned apple then beige and lightly shiny pink should be avoided. One of the most flattering colors available to the warmer toned woman is actually one of the brown-sporty colors; chocolate brown. All colors from this family can be used to add some depth and interest to a warm-toned woman’s look without being too hot for her tastes.

olive skinned women should consider warm-toned colors like golden brown, coral, or brick red. If you’re an olive color and you wear cool toned colors you run the risk of looking washed out, so stick to warm colors like terran brown or walnut brown. Caramel is another color that can flatter an olive-skinned look.

Last but not least, darker skinned women can look great in shades of brown or black. Choosing colors from the brown family like caramel and black can create the illusion of radiance to your features.

For the Best Everyday Outfit:

If you enjoy wearing dresses and skirts, but feel the need for more coverage, bracelets are a great fashion accessory and makeup hint to bring excitement to your look. Whether you’re wearing a strapless style or a halter style, beads, rhinestones, silver, black or white pearls can add a pop of color while still providing the coverage you need under a maryjanes dress and skirt. For a sexy, slinky look, consider a thigh high, floaty pass jersey dress to wear with ankle boots.

For the Best Evening Outfit:

A short, fitted, svelte dress that you can dress up for parties is a helpful wardrobe move if you feel self-conscious about insecurities. London fashionista Purah closely affiliates this with jewelry. If you want to hide a few extra pounds and still look amazing, try one of her fabulous ” pushers ” that sit low on the hips and include ruching for effect.

Last, but not least, if you enjoy wearing jewelry, but would also like to tone down your size a little, there are several options. Jessica Simpson has a new line of jewelry that provides smaller face frames. charms and Bangles are both affordable and charming. Or you can have fun with pieces fromEssence Team: natural collections that include blossoms, vines, blooming bugs, and dragonflies with eye catching designs. Short, sharp belts, skinny scarves, and cinch sweaters are all that seller Essence Team is known for.